• Saracino Supreme Flavouring Paste

    Saracino Supreme Flavouring Paste is a versatile product made with the best ingredients to boost the taste of your cakes, creams, ice creams, ganaches and everything your fantasy suggests.

    Available in 13 amazing flavours (different prices apply).


    Net content: 200g

    • BANANA - sugar, banana juice and pulp (30%), glucose syrup, flavouring, pectin, ascorbic acid, colouring agents: curcumin, betacaroten / COCONUT - glucose syrup, grated coconut (20%), sugar, flavouring, pectin, carrhagenin / COFFEE - sugar, water, powdered coffee (14.4%), colouring agent: caramel, condensed MILK, agar agar, natural coffee extract / GIANDUJA - HAZELNUTS, sugar, dextrose, cocoa powder, PEANUT oil, SOJA lecitin, flavouring / HAZELNUT - 100% HAZELNUT  / LEMON - glucose syrup, saccarose syrup, lemon juice (5%), citric acid, concentrare lemon juice, flavouring, pectin / PISTACHIO - PISTACHIO (>99%), colouring agent: curcumin, clorophyl / RASPBERRY - sugar, raspberry juice and pulp (35%), glucose syrup, citric acid, pectin, flavouring, colouring agent: anthocyanin, curcumin / STRAWBERRY - saccarose syruo, glucose syrup, strawberry purée (20%), citric acid, pectin, flavouring, colouring agent: curcumin, anthocyanin, carrot extract / ZABAIONE - marsala wine, sugar, EGG yolk, alcohol, maltodextrine, flavouring, agar agar, colouring agent: carotene / VANILLA BOURBON - saccarose syrup, dextrose, flavouring, vanilla pods (0.5%), carrhagenin, colouring agent: carotene, riboflavyn / WILD FRUIT - sugar, fruit juice and pulp (blueberry, blackberry, redcurrant) (35%), glucose syrup, vegetable extracts of hybiscus and carrot, citric acid, pectin, flavouring, colouring agent: anthocyanin

      It may contain EGGS, PEANUTS, NUTS, SOY.



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