Carved Cakes

Carved Cakes

Sunday 25 October 2020, 11am (7.5 hours)

Learn how to prepare and cover a cake, model a cute teddy bear, add an embossed pattern, a delicate bow, stars and letters.


Discover how to carve and shape your cakes and make this cute Smurfs house with all its details!


The class does not include the modeling of Papa Smurf, but if the class quickly finishes the project, Papa Smurf will also be modeled.

This class is performed on a real cake.


The workshop shall be held in English with a translation into French.


For this workshop, we accept a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 6 participants.


If you decide to pay only the deposit, the outstanding amount shall be paid on the day of the workshop, before its beginning.




The deposit necessary to confirm the participation shall in no case be refunded if the participant decides not to take part in the workshop.

Cancellation of participation is allowed not later than 30 days prior to the event. In such a case, only the part exceeding the deposit shall be refunded.

In case the minimum amount of students is not achieved, we reserve the right to cancel the workshop and immediately refund the fee.


    PriceFrom €50.00
    VAT Included